Painter Creek

    RV Park and Campground     

We have been working hard to improve our little piece of heaven. 

Memorial Day 2015 We had no vacancy. In fact with the PGA in French Lick this year we had no vacancy for the entire week leading up to the holiday weekend. Our friend caught this image with his drone Saturday morning once the majority of our guest went out to the for the day.   As you can see we can easily accommodate large rigs.  I want to thank all our guest for staying with us for this event. It was truly a memorable week!

Being an avid camper, and loving to travel,  I always inspect the bathrooms, It is my personal pet peeve and the deciding factor before staying anywhere. Our first priority for our guest is a clean bathroom and shower house.  My favorite thing to hear from our guests is how nice the bathrooms are.  We are constantly getting complements on the cleanliness and the seemingly endless hot water. I would expect nothing less for myself or for you. We work hard to present a clean comfortable place for you to go when you have to go. I spent almost two weeks re-doing the bathrooms


While we have been busy enlarging and improving sites,  I had to take a break to do some painting.

The main building is getting a much needed face lift.


If you love what you do you really never work a day in your life.

We are so blessed with our good neighbors and friends. What a group of truly wonderful people all gathered on our little dead end road. If you could imagine just for a minute, our little community coming together to help us make it through the winter, to help us create the RV Park we in vision. They have helped us with equipment, shoveled, plowed, laboring and even bringing soup to heal us. What a wonderful group of people. We will not mention names but I want to thank each of you for being so great and turning out to be even better friends than I could have hoped for.
Yes! We had our exit signs installed. Our Rules and evacuation plans posted. We are working on the little roof to mount the sign and plug it all in!! One more thing marked off the list, then its on to making the pavilion. Thanks to our "deer" friends from Indianapolis and Martinsville for all your donations and hard work. The BBQ's should be installed soon. Its almost time to open for the season and we cant wait to see it all come together.


We  had planted over thirty trees  and have been blessed with an easy rain  to help them settle. We're trying so hard to make the park a beautiful place for our guests. Thank you for the roses you planted they are gorgeous. It is a great feeling to have guests love our park as their own. Its been a pleasure having  all this help and wish I could repay for all you've done for us. I hope the sun shines down on you and makes you flowers grow.


Winter this year had been a good time to work on Facebook, the website, and our logo. We have so much to do - even in the off season there never seems to be enough time.  Work, Work Work. my dad used to say. But its a job worth doing when you see the results and hear .the compliments.